What is EOTAS?

Education Other Than At School', known as EOTAS is educational provision for children and young people who cannot attend a mainstream or specialist school. It is different from home schooling (EHE) as it is arranged and funded by the Local Authority. 

Types of EOTAS

When a school or setting is not suitable for a child or young person, the local authority can arrange an alternative option (sometimes referred to as alternative provision). For example: 

  • Home tutoring
  • Hospital schooling
  • A place at an alternative provision or tutoring centre
  • Virtual or on-line schooling

Medical needs placements

Leeds offers a medical needs teaching service to children who:

  • are aged five to 16
  • are unable to attend their mainstream school due to their medical or health needs
  • have missed more than 15 days of school in the academic year

A team of specialist teachers work across a range of different school settings to teach young people an age appropriate core curriculum. This includes English, Math and Science. Their aim is to make sure young people can continue to access education and allow them to return to their own school. 

Referrals to this service is on the advice of a medical professional who manages the young person’s treatment pathway. 

You can find more information about this service on our medical needs page.  

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