On this page you will find our list of the different types of educational provision that is available for children and young people with SEND.

We recommend visiting potential schools and settings to see if you think they are suitable. We can help you prepare to make a school visit.

Leeds based provision is split into three geographical areas of East North East, West North West and South.

East North East provisions

East Silc - John Jamieson

Special school (3-19yrs)

East SILC John Jamieson is a through generic special school. Pupils at this site have a wide range of learning needs including moderate learning difficulties, severe learning difficulties, complex medical needs, physical difficulties, Downs Syndrome, hearing and/or visual impairments and Autism. Pupils are supported by specialist teaching staff.    

The site has access to speech therapists, the occupational therapists, physiotherapists, educational psychologist and school nursing team, and has specialist facilities including a ball pool and a sensory room.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 293 0236   

  • Hollin Hill Drive
    LS8 2PW

Website: East Silc

East SILC - Jack Clark

Special school (4-11)

Jack Clark is a primary site for pupils aged between 4 and 11 years old. They cater for pupils with a wide range of SEND, including autistic spectrum condition, moderate learning difficulties, severe learning difficulties, hearing and visual impairments, specific genetic conditions, physical difficulties, specific communication and language difficulties and social, emotional and mental health needs.   

Jack Clark has 59 pupils on roll split over 7 classes. Pupils are grouped together depending on their academic needs; methods of communication; the classroom environment; provision and resources required and appropriate peer groups. Class sizes are small with a maximum of 12 pupils per class and a minimum of 6 pupils per class.   

Other facilities present at Jack Clark include a Ball Pool, Sensory Room, Immersion Room and a Sensory Circuit Room. There are also various designated spaces around school used as break out areas and to provide opportunities for reading.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 8275524   

  • Jack Clark site
    Off Oakwood Lane
    LS8 3LF

Website: East Silc Jack Clarke

East Silc - Roger Cannon

Special school (11-16)

Roger Cannon is a secondary site for pupils aged between 11 and 16 years old. They cater for pupils with a wide range of SEND, including autistic spectrum condition, moderate learning difficulties, severe learning difficulties, hearing and visual impairments, specific genetic conditions, specific communication and language difficulties and social, emotional and mental health needs.   

Pupils at KS4 have the opportunity to access accredited qualifications to at least Entry Level Certificate in English, maths and science. Pupils also have the opportunity to complete ASDAN accredited courses and Arts Awards. Some pupils are able to complete GCSEs in core subjects. Some pupils complete AQA Unit Awards for core and foundation subjects.    

Roger Cannon has 114 pupils split over 13 classes Within each key stage, pupils are grouped together depending on their academic ability, methods of communication and appropriate peer groups. Class sizes are small with a maximum of 11 pupils in a class, and a minimum of 4 pupils in a class. Subject specialist teachers are used at Roger Cannon. Roger Cannon also has a sensory room and other designated intervention rooms including a THRIVE room.    

Contact details:
  • 0113 8275426   

  • Roger Cannon Site
    Shakespeare Avenue
    Off Stoney Rock Lane
    LS9 7HD

Website: East Silc Roger Cannon

Co-op Academy Brierley

Specialist Free school (5-16yrs)

Co-op Academy Brierley is a Generic Special School in Leeds catering for pupils aged between 5 and 16 years old with a range of identified SEN needs including Complex Communication, Autism, Spectrum Condition (ASC), Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) and Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD).   

Co-op Academy Brierley will be based in a purpose built, specialist SEND facility at their nearby primary partner school Co-op Academy Nightingale for one year from September 2023. The facility has two floors, seven new classrooms, a sensory room, an additional dining area and hygiene rooms.

Contact details:
  • 07551 576171   

  • Co-op Academy Nightingale
    Stanley Road
    LS9 7AX

Website: Co-op Academy Brierley

Whitkirk primary

Partnership school (4-11yrs)

Pupils at this Partnership are on the roll of the East SILC and all pupils have their core learning in the base where learning is planned to meet individual needs.   

The Partnership pupils have a range of needs and ability but are all able to be included in a mainstream classroom working co-operatively in a group with mainstream peers and be able to take part as part of a large group of pupils for events such as assemblies. In addition, they are able to be flexible to cope with the changes that occur as part of daily life. Pupils follow personalised maths and English programs in the Partnership together with other core and foundation subjects but they are a member of a main school class group and join in mainstream lessons for part of the week with support from Partnership staff They also join whole school activities and after school social events.    

Contact details:
  • 0113 260 6203   

  • Templegate Walk
    LS15 0EU

Website: East Silc partnership

Temple Moor high school

Partnership school (11-18yrs)

Pupils who attend the High Care Partnership (HCP) at Temple Moor High School are on the roll of the East SILC and taught on the mainstream school site. Students who attend the partnership at Temple Moor have a wide range of SEND including, but not exclusive to; ASC, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing Impairment, Visual Impairment, specific genetic conditions, language and communication needs, and global delay.   

All students in the partnership access some mainstream lessons, whereby they join a mainstream class for a timetabled lesson and actively join in with the support of East SILC staff as necessary. Students are able to cope with the environment of a busy high school and are able to engage with their learning as they have a level of flexibility which enables them to cope well with changes that can occur in the day.    

Temple Moor School is a fully accessible building including a new hydrotherapy pool, rebound therapy equipment and sensory room.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 390 0770    

  • Field End Grove
    Selby Road
    LS15 0PT

Website: East Silc partnership   

Grimes Dyke primary school

Resourced school (3-11yrs)

This school has a language resourced provision for 8 children with a primary need in speech and language difficulties.   

There is a highly specialised speech and language therapist in school 4 days a week and pupils are taught within the mainstream class throughout the day, whilst receiving individual support for their speech and language difficulties via Speech and Language Therapists and teaching staff.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 294 1066    

  • Stanks Drive
    LS14 5BY

Website: Grimes Dyke resource

Parklands primary school

Resourced school (4-11yrs)

The Resource Provision (RP) is set up to meet the complex learning needs of up to 23 children from reception to year 6; all of whom have an Educational Health Care Plan.    

The provision is a nurturing environment which is designed to allow children to follow their own interests and develop as competent and independent learners.   

Children are provided with bespoke learning to meet their individual needs. Some children follow a more curriculum based approach to learning, with lessons in, for example, English, Maths and Science. Children are supported by an adult but have the opportunity and encouragement to develop their independent skills. For other children in RP, learning is play based with many opportunities to explore through sensory experiences either in our classroom, outside in our playground area or in our own multi-sensory room.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 293 0282   

  • Dufton Approach
    LS14 6ED

Website: Parklands resource

Richmond Hill Academy

Resourced school (3-11yrs)

Rainbow Base, which is part of at Richmond Hill Academy, is a resource provision which provides support and education for 35 primary aged children with a primary need in complex communication difficulty.    

The curriculum is designed and delivered by three lead teachers and a number of teaching assistants; support is provided to pupils on a ratio of 2:1.   

Rainbow Base consists of 4 class bases: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. Each classroom environment is based on its pupil cohort and is tailored to suit the learning needs of the pupils. The use of the rebound room, sensory room, soft-play room, trim trail and separate outdoor learning space are used in conjunction to the pupil’s individualised targets. When appropriate, pupils have access to inclusion within the mainstream learning environment, with teaching assistant support, for a proportion of the week..   

Contact details:
  • 0113 336 8899   

  • Clark Lane
    LS9 8PN

Website: Richmond Hill resource

Corpus Christi Catholic College

Resourced school (11-16yrs)

This college has resource to support pupils with a primary need in learning and cognition.   

Pupils are taught within the base for their core subjects by specialist teaching staff and access mainstream facilities where appropriate.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 2009010   

  • Neville Road
    Halton Moor
    LS9 0TT

Website: Corpus Christi resource

Brigshaw High School

Resourced school (11-18yrs)

This school has resource to support pupils with a primary needs in complex physical and medical difficulties.   

The school is a fully accessible site, including lifts, and supports students to access their learning within the mainstream school.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 287 8900 ext 1138   

  • Brigshaw Lane
    Allerton Bywater
    WF10 2HR

Website: Brigshaw resource

John Smeaton Academy

Resourced school (11-16yrs)

Horizons is a Resource Provision which currently provides support and education for 20 pupils with a primary need in complex learning difficulties. Our pupils benefit from a curriculum which is tailored to their individual needs, enabling all pupils to reach their full potential, both academically and socially.   

Students are split into two class groupings, one for Key Stage 3 and one for Key Stage 4 students. Each group is supported by a class teacher and additional learning support assistants. Students are supported to access the mainstream setting, wherever appropriate..   

Contact details:
  • 0113 831 3900   

  • Smeaton Approach
    Barwick Road
    LS15 8TA

Website: John Smeaton resource


Resourced school (year 7 from sept 2021 to expand over next 5 years)

Dovecote is a Resource Provision based at Bishop Young Academy. The provision is for students with Complex Communication Needs and Autism. All students at Dovecote have Education Health Care Plans (EHCP) and access to a specialist team offering a bespoke supported curriculum.   

The provision features a state of the art sensory room, a calm room, life skills room, computer room, several classrooms, a hygiene suite and multiple meeting rooms to meet with the onsite Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) or Educational Psychologist (EP).

Contact details:
  • 0113 320 0582    

  • Bishops Way
    LS14 6NU

Website: John Smeaton resource

West Oaks: Boston Spa Learning

Special school (3-19yrs)

North East SILC West Oaks Boston Spa learning is a through special school supporting pupils with a wide range of needs, profound, multiple and complex conditions, autistic spectrum conditions and severe learning difficulties.   

The school has developed enhanced facilities and resources to support pupils with complex communication needs.   

The curriculum is delivered by specialist teaching staff. The site has specialist facilities including access to speech and language therapists for part of the week, a sensory space, rebound room and outdoor facilities.   

Contact details:
  • 01937 844772   

  • Westwood Way
    Boston Spa
    LS23 6DX

Website: West Oaks Silc

West Oaks: Woodhouse Learning

Special school (2-16yrs)

West Oaks school (Woodhouse Learning) supports pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD), Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) and those with a diagnosis of Autism (ASC). All pupils have an Education, Health and Care Plan. Their curriculum is structured into 5 pathways, considering pupils’ starting points whilst ensuring high aspirations.   

The site has specialist facilities including a sensory space, rebound room and outdoor facilities. Pupils are taught in very small groups with specialist teaching staff.    

Contact details:
  • 0113 3235871   

  • Crowther Place
    LS6 2ST

Website: West Oaks Silc

Moor Allerton Hall primary

Resourced school (3-11yrs)

The school has resources to support pupils who are deaf and hearing impaired.   

Pupils are taught within the mainstream classes with access to a support space to receive individual teaching support from DAHIT (Deaf and Hearing Impairment team) by a teacher of the deaf.   

The children attending use a variety of communication methods, including spoken English, British Sign Language (BSL) and Sign Supported English (SSE) to access the curriculum.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 336 8350   

  • Lidgett Lane
    LS17 6QP

Website: Moor Allerton Hall resource

Carr Manor Community School

Resourced school (4-19yrs)

The ‘Mosaic’ Autism resourced provision has capacity for 12 supported places. The provision supports children that have a diagnosis of Autism (or previously Asperger’s) and those that have complex communication difficulties. The provision offers personalised support and intervention, as well as individual timetables for each pupil that incorporate fifty percent access to mainstream lessons.   

One of their key focuses is to support children with communication and interaction difficulties, alongside sensory needs to access Autism specific sessions. They facilitate engagement and inclusion within our children’s age-related mainstream classes and lessons. Children in Mosaic who have an accompanying anxiety need are supported by our use of low arousal techniques, and a low arousal approach.   

Contact details:
  • Primary: 0113 3368401, Secondary: 0113 3368400   

  • Carr Manor Road
    LS17 5DJ

Website: Carr Manor resource

Allerton Grange School

Resourced school (11-18yrs)

The school has resourced facilities to support deaf and hearing impaired children.   

Pupils access a teaching base to receive specific support from a teaching lead from DAHIT (Deaf and Hearing Impairment Team).   

Students predominantly follow the same curriculum as their hearing peers and are taught in mainstream for most of the curriculum, additional support is also given to all Deaf children in base. English is taught discretely within base lessons by a qualified teacher of the deaf.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 393 0304   

  • Talbot Avenue
    LS17 6SF

Website: Allerton Grange resource

Roundhay School

Resourced school (11-18yrs)

The school has a resource for pupils with a primary need in Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia).   

Pupils access the resource base for set hours per week, in place of Modern Foreign Language lessons, while attending all other mainstream lessons.   

Teaching in the dyslexia base is delivered by specialist literacy teachers and supported by trained teaching assistants. Pupils are supported in literacy-heavy mainstream lessons by TAs, who act to remove the literacy barrier, facilitating access to the curriculum. Pupils access all aspects of mainstream school life.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 393 1200   

  • Secondary Campus
    Old Park Road
    LS8 1ND

Website: Roundhay resource

West North West provisions

West SILC - Milestone School

Special school (2-19yrs)

Students on the SILC main site have a wide range of learning needs as well as communication difficulties including Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and associated behavioural and emotional difficulties. This site has many specialist facilities including a hydrotherapy pool as well as specialist teaching areas for some subjects: home technology, a multi-sensory room, ICT and art.   

The SILC main site is divided into three sections, each catering to the specific needs of its students. These are the Semi Formal Teaching and Learning Group, 14-19 Teaching and Learning Group and the Complex Communication & Autism Teaching and Learning Group.    

The Powerhouse is West SILC's 16-19 provision, based in dynamic, bespoke surroundings. Staff ensure that every aspect of the students' day is geared towards 'functional skills', independence and employability.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 3862450   

  • 4 Town Street
    LS28 6HL

Website: West Silc

Hollybush Primary school

Partnership school (3-11yrs)

This site caters for pupils with moderate to severe learning difficulties and/or communication difficulties, along with pupils with ASD and SEMH. All students all have an individual learning plan which is personalised to meet all academic, social and emotional needs. Students are encouraged to develop their independence and benefit from inclusion opportunities within the mainstream school.    

They provide access to specialist teaching and to mainstream lessons. Pink class provides an environment and curriculum that caters for our pupils' academic, social, emotional and behavioural needs.    

Contact details:
  • 0113 3862450   

  • Broad Lane
    LS13 2JJ

Website: Hollybush partnership

Co-op Academy Priesthorpe

Partnership school (11-16yrs)

There are approximately 6 students per year group, making a total of 30.   

SILC students are fully included within mainstream lessons but supported or taught by specialist staff. This has benefits for SILC students who are able to access a broad and balanced curriculum. It also has benefits for some students on the Priesthorpe roll, who can access specialist staff and teaching styles.   

The school also has The Oasis (onsite provision for pupils with SEN, EAL and BESD.) Support staff are highly trained and very effective in supporting pupils with a variety of needs and backgrounds.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 257 4115   

  • Priesthorpe Lane
    LS28 5SG

Website: Coop Priesthorpe Academy partnership

Farnley Academy

Partnership school (3-19yrs)

This partnership caters for children and young people with Complex and Multiple Learning Needs.   

The site contains four classrooms and care suites with full tracking, a dedicated rebound room and hydrotherapy pool. The school nurses and physiotherapists are based on this site.   

All classrooms have blackout blinds and with the aid of specialist software and a mobile sensory trolley, classrooms can be turned into multi-sensory rooms.   

All students have personalised learning plans with a focus on communication (delivered through Intensive Interaction) and developing independence. They are able to deliver Rebound Therapy, Hydrotherapy, MATP and MOVE. The SILC also has two staff trained as Interveners in Positive Looking, which supports students with visual impairments.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 2244090   

  • Chapel Lane
    LS12 5EU

Website: Farnley Academy partnership

Bramley Primary Academy

Resourced school (3-11yrs)

The school provides specialist support from their base ‘The Launchpad’, which lies at the heart of the school.   

The provision offers twelve placements for primary pupils with Complex Communication and Autism.   

The support is based on the requirements of children with a range of communication and interaction needs. With assistance, pupils can reach their potential in a resource provision mainstream setting.   

The students will work in close proximity with the school setting, so they spend time with teachers and inclusive classrooms. They will also have access to an immersive space and outdoor sensory area. In addition, they offer pupils a relaxing space whereby they can enjoy outdoor stimulation through a variety of inclusive and unique stimuli.   

The Launchpad also has a therapy dog called Hamish.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 256 4888   

  • Fairfield Hill
    LS13 3DP

Website: Bramley Primary Academy resource

Penny Field School

Academy Special school (2-19yrs)

Penny Field School is a small school which meets the needs of learners with severe and complex needs. They have 60 pupils on role who follow a bespoke curriculum and who have access to many specialist staff, equipment and resources.   

The school has seven classrooms and four care suites with full tracking, a dedicated rebound room, hydrotherapy pool and a purpose-built sensory room. Their outside provision includes a wheelchair accessible roundabout and swing, sensory garden and greenhouse. The Early Years class also has their own outdoor space, which they have access to throughout the day.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 8314222    

  • Tongue Lane
    LS6 4QD

Website: Penny Field School

Green Meadows Academy: Primary site

Academy special school (5-11yrs)

At GMA Primary meets the needs of predominantly primary-aged pupils, many of whom have communication and interaction difficulties including autism.   

Pupils in the primary school are allocated a class based on their age and also their need. Their class-teacher delivers a ‘primary model’ of delivery, where they teach a broad range of subjects using methods and strategies suitable to the individual needs of the pupils.   

Communication and Interaction is central to the curriculum, and learning for primary pupils takes place outside the classroom as much as it does inside the classroom. Makaton is reinforced throughout the school as a communication aid, and they also ensure that they meet the pupils’ sensory needs.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 8313 222   

  • Bradford Rd
    LS20 8PP

Website: Green Meadows Academy

Green Meadows Academy: Senior Site

Academy special school (11-19yrs)

At GMA Secondary students have similar needs as those in our primary school, and are able to remain within our Post-16 provision until they are 19 years of age.   

As in the primary school, pupils at GMA Secondary are in classes that reflect a combination of their age and Key Stage as well as their area of need. At the core of their learning is English / Literacy, Mathematics / Numeracy, Science, and PSHE – which all of their pupils will study. Pupils benefit from specialist teachers for these key areas of the curriculum. As learners progress through the school appropriate qualifications (such as Functional Skills if appropriate) and life skill development (such as Food Technology) become key.   

At certain points in the term themes and projects are developed using a whole school collaborative approach where classes are joined together so that pupils will benefit from working with a range of other students and staff members.,/p>    

Contact details:
  • 0113 8313 222   

  • Back Lane
    LS20 8LS

Website: Green Meadows Academy

Brudenell Primary School

Resourced school (3-11yrs)

Pupils are on the roll of Green Meadows Academy and access learning in mainstream classes work with support from specialist teaching and support staff who are employed by the Academy.   

Pupils are given the opportunity to learn alongside their mainstream peers and can access mainstream lessons where appropriate. Pupils in the partnership often access lessons with individual support determined by their learning needs. There are ten permanent full time places for pupils with complex learning difficulties in their Rainbow class provision.    

Please note: the school’s website is out of date and till refers to the NWSILC partnership.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 336 8270   

  • Welton Place
    LS6 1EW

Website: Brudenell primary resource

Rawdon St Peter’s Church of England Primary School

Partnership school (4-11yrs)

Pupils are on the roll of Green Meadows Academy and access learning in mainstream classes work with support from specialist teaching and support staff who are employed by the Academy.   

Orchard Class at Rawdon St Peter’s benefit from a model of inclusion that facilitates access to a selection of mainstream lessons, depending on their individual needs. This model ensures that pupils can progress and develop in academic areas as well as socially with age-related peers. With a small class size, a teaching team of trained specialists, and a staff/pupil ratio to ensure that all pupil’s individual needs are met.    

Pupils within the partnership are aged between Year 1 and Year 6 and can access a range of mainstream opportunities including whole-school activities, Collective Worship, breaks and lunch-time, educational trips, visits and residential stays with their Rawdon St Peter’s friends, as well as infilling to more academic lessons and classes, as appropriate. In Orchard Class, when not accessing mainstream lessons pupils will follow a bespoke semi-formal curriculum that is designed to promote independence, personal development and academic achievement.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 336 8270   

  • Town Street
    LS19 6PP

Website: Rawdon St Peters partnership

Benton Park High School

Partnership school (11-18yrs)

Pupils are on the roll of Green Meadows Academy and access learning in mainstream classes work with support from specialist teaching and support staff who are employed by the Academy.   

Pupils in the partnership often access lessons with individual support determined by their learning needs. The partnership at Benton is housed in 3 classrooms all in different buildings within the school to promote inclusion within the mainstream school. Each class currently has pupils from one key stage in it..   

Contact details:
  • 0113 336 8270   

  • Harrogate Road
    LS19 6LX

Website: Benton Park partnership

Allerton High School

Partnership school (11-18yrs)

Pupils are on the roll of Green Meadows Academy and access learning in mainstream classes work with support from specialist teaching and support staff who are employed by the Academy.   

The Partnership Base consists of two classrooms, a ‘chill/calm’ room and an office for individual work. Students access education in the Partnership Base when not accessing lessons in mainstream. The Allerton Partnership Base has provision for 20 pupils. The pupils access mainstream lessons where appropriate, depending on their academic levels and readiness for inclusion.    

Contact details:
  • 0113 336 8270   

  • King Lane
    LS17 7AG

Website: Allerton High partnership

West Oaks- Headingley Learning

SEND specialist school (5-16 yrs)

West Oaks School opens its third site, Headingley Learning, in September 2022 to 46 pupils initially. The school will be full by September 2024 and will have 130 students. The school educates pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD), Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) and those with a diagnosis of Autism (ASC). All pupils have an Education, Health and Care Plan.    

The campus has real character and eventually will educate approximately 120 West Oaks pupils. New therapeutic and training facilities will be created to complement the class spaces, outside play areas, grassed sports pitch, interactive zone, activity zone, exhibition space, enterprise zone, which will help with our plans to integrate into the Headingley community.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 3235871   

  • Buckingham Road
    LS6 1BP

Website: Allerton High partnership

Ireland Wood Primary School

Resourced school (4-11yrs)

A mainstream primary school with a Resourced Provision which can accommodate up to 14 children with complex physical difficulties and medical needs. Children are supported in class by Learning Support Assistants who ensure that they have full access to the curriculum.   

There is a Speech and Language room, Physiotherapy room and a Sensory room. Internal lifts allow access to all the different levels of the school with ramps and extra wide doors ensuring that all areas are fully accessible.   

Five care suites are located around the building all fitted with electric hoists and ambulant toilets are also available. Educare staff trained by the Inclusion Nursing staff are on site, with telephone support from the Inclusion Nursing Team when needed, to support children’s medical interventions.   

Physiotherapists visit school regularly and two members of the support staff have enhanced training to deliver specialist interventions whilst all support assistants working with pupils are trained by the Physiotherapists to support daily exercise programmes. p>    

Contact details:
  • 0113 267 8032   

  • Raynel Gardens
    LS16 6BW

Website: Ireland Wood resource

St Margaret’s C of E Primary School

Resourced school (4-11yrs)

The BASE at St Margaret’s is a purpose-built unit has been designed to support 12 children in receipt of an EHCP and with complex communication needs.   

The BASE provides an enabling environment, offering low arousal, calming work spaces for children to grow and learn. Each child in the provision also has opportunity to access mainstream learning. This is often supported by a BASE member of staff to ensure consistency. We believe that inclusion in mainstream is vital and support each child to have the skills to join in and learn with their peers.   

Their integrated approach to ensuring our pupils flourish, not only focuses on their academic abilities but also provides a curriculum focussing on their social and life skills too. Personalised targets tracked by the AET (Autism Education Trust) progression framework ensures that your child’s personal targets are set specifically to their needs and abilities.   

The BASE works closely with outside professional agencies such as SENSAP, the Occupational Therapy team, the STARS outreach team, SENIT and Speech and Language therapists.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 38862520   

  • Town Street
    LS18 5BL

Website: Ireland Wood resource

Allerton High School

Resourced school (11-18yrs)

Allerton has specialist provision designed to meet the needs of young people with severe and specific Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN).   

Language Resource students are not taught in a separate base and are full time members of the mainstream school.   

Language Resource Students have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) for communication and language.   

Students with SLCN are supported in school with input from the Speech and Language Teacher, the SENCO, a qualified Speech and Language Therapist and Teaching Assistants. Individual support programmes are put in place for these students which include access to the Speech and Language Therapist each week, support from the Speech and Language Teacher and access to key workers who deliver programmes. TAs trained in strategies to support SLCN students work with them in lessons.   

< p>

Contact details:
  • 0113 203 4770   

  • King Ln
    LS17 7AG

Website: Allerton High resource

Ralph Thoresby School

Resourced school (11-18yrs)

Ralph Thoresby is a mainstream school resourced for students with physical difficulties. Students are placed in mainstream lessons full time, with all other students, and there is no separate base.   

There is a specialist team of staff who are able to support with personal care needs and moving and handling. Please note that, beyond this specialist area, we provide the same kind of SEND support as any mainstream school in the city.    

The building is accessible for students with physical difficulties, there are lifts at the end of each corridor and corridors are wider to accommodate wheelchairs, etc. Each classroom has a height adjustable table available for any student with physical difficulties. Students with physical difficulties have access to the COPE Team, which is a team of specialist staff who support students with personal care, moving and handling and any issues around equipment and resources. Students receiving support from the physiotherapy team will continue to access physiotherapy sessions in school.    

Contact details:
  • 0113 397 9911   

  • Holtdale Approach
    LS16 7RX

Website: Ralph Thoresby resource

South provisions

South Silc Main Site- Broomfield

Special school (2-19yrs)

Broomfield are an all-age generic special school serving South Leeds. They cater for a wide range of learning needs from moderate learning difficulties; severe learning difficulties; complex and multiple learning needs to Asperger’s and Autism. Some students have additional needs – physical; medical; speech and language; visual, hearing or sensory impairment.   

Facilities include: a community internet café, a health and beauty suite, a state-of-the art creative/sensory room, sunken trampolines and an outdoor inclusive adventure playground.    

Contact details:
  • 0113 277 1603   

  • Broom Place
    Belle Isle
    LS10 3JP

Website: South Silc Broomfield

Windmill Primary School

Partnership school (4-11yrs)

Pupils at the Windmill Partnership almost always have a diagnosis of ASC. There are currently two classes at Windmill with up to 10 pupils in each class. There are pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 in both classes and currently organised according to needs and appropriate peer groups. Each class has a specialist teacher trained in Team Teach, SCERTS, and Intensive Interaction. There is a high ratio of adults to pupils.   

Pupils access the facilities at Broomfield on a weekly basis including our Sensory room and Rebound. Pupils also have opportunities to take part in In Harmony sessions (an Opera North community partnership at Windmill Primary school) where pupils have the opportunity to learn and instrument and join a choir.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 271 2115, ask for the SENCO   

  • Windmill Road
    LS10 3HQ

Website: Windmill partnership

Rodillian Academy

Partnership school (11-18yrs)

Pupils are on the roll of the South SILC and work with specialist teaching and support staff who are employed by the SILC.   

Students have personalised learning pathways which includes: accessing mainstream lessons as well as lessons in the partnership provision; a differentiated curriculum which meets their individual needs; small group working; high levels of adult support; and opportunities to develop independence and increase access to community facilities.   

Staff have a base area within the school where they work with pupils at other times.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 277 1603    

  • Longthorpe Lane
    WF3 3PS

Website: Rodillian partnership

New Bewerley Community School

Resourced school (4-11yrs)

Suitable for children with complex medical and physical difficulties. The Resource Provision (Rainbow Room) meets the complex physical and medical needs of up to 20 children. The provision is designed to allow children to learn through play; accessing a wide variety of sensory activities, through specific planning, which recognises each child’s achievements. The children in Rainbow Room access mainstream education appropriate to their individual needs. The school also has a sensory room..   

Contact details:
  • 0113 887 8718   

  • Bismarck Drive
    LS11 6TB

Website: New Bewerley resource

Beeston Hill St Luke’s C of E Primary

Resourced school (4-11yrs)

‘The Oasis’ is a dedicated Resource Provision at Beeston Hill St Luke’s Primary School. The Oasis provides support and education for 10 pupils who present complex communication and learning difficulties. The curriculum has been designed to meet the needs of primary aged children who will require a significantly differentiated curriculum.   

The environment has been designed with the needs of children with Autism in mind. Its aim is to provide a calm, low arousal environment created by muted and neutral colours and specialised lighting. The blinds can be adjusted at all windows. The interior surfaces such as windows, doors and ceilings have been designed to provide good acoustics and sound insulation from noise upstairs and outside. All doors leading to and from the classroom will be electronically secure with raised handles for child safety. The classroom leads to a small outside area which is secured by a fence and electronic gates.    

Contact details:
  • 0113 2433375   

  • Beeston Road
    LS11 8ND

Website: Beeston Hill St Lukes resource

Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) provisions

Springwell Leeds

Springwell Leeds is a specialist academy which serves the whole of Leeds.   

The Academies support learners, between the ages of 5 and 16, who have Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs.   

They aim to provide individual and personalised pathways for students that are built around their varied needs which help them achieve positive outcomes and prepare them for their onward destinations into continuing education, work or training.   

Springwell Leeds North

Specialist school (5-16yrs)

Contact details:
  • 0113 4870555   

  • Springwell Leeds Academy
    Woodnook Drive
    LS16 6NE

Website: Springwell Academy Leeds

Springwell Leeds South

Specialist school (11-16yrs)

Contact details:
  • 0113 4870500   

  • Springwell Leeds Academy
    Middleton Road
    LS10 3JA

Website: Springwell Academy Leeds

Springwell Leeds East

Specialist school (11-16yrs)

Contact details:
  • 0113 4870450   

  • Springwell Leeds Academy
    Brooklands View
    LS14 6XR

Website: Springwell Academy Leeds

Independent SEMH schools

The Pivot Academy - Leeds East

Specialist school (7-16yrs)

The KS2 Academy supports younger children, who require a nurturing and therapeutic approach to their education and may have a wide range of complex needs including Social, Emotional and Mental Health concerns and Autism.   

Children are always taught in small groups with a high staff ratio and follow the National Curriculum, as well as taking part in activities which are personalised to meet their individual needs. They make use of offsite facilities to provide children with new experiences they may not otherwise encounter, such as horse-riding, visiting museums and trying a variety of sports.Inside the building itself there are reading corners, teaching zones and areas dedicated to emotional support to promote independence and a passion for learning. They also have an outdoor space, which provides a play area, an outdoor classroom, a sensory garden and an allotment.   

The KS3/4 Academy provides support for young people who may have a wide range of complex needs, including Social, Emotional and Mental Health concerns and Special Educational Needs. They also support those on the Autism spectrum and those with communication difficulties.   

Students are taught in small groups of a maximum of ten with two staff present. Core subjects are English, Maths, Science and PSHE. They also offer PE, Food Technology, Art, Drama, Health and Social Care and Photography. Learning often takes place off site and students are able to join in with other sessions including horse riding, boxing and gym work. Students also benefit from therapeutic support with key workers, access to an educational psychologist, therapists, a social worker and pastoral team.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 3204069   

  • KS2 - Unit 4 Killingbeck Drive
    York Road
    LS14 6UF

  • KS3/4 - Unit 12 Killingbeck Drive
    York Road
    LS14 6UF

Website: The Pivot Academy

Other Leeds provisions

Lighthouse School Leeds

Specialist free school (11-19yrs)

Lighthouse is a school for young people aged 11 to 19 with an autistic spectrum condition (ASC) or related communication disorder with 84 students on roll.   

They offer a highly personalised education which combines national curriculum with vocational subjects and valuable life, social and communication skills’.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 4570605/07570 851203   

  • Lighthouse School
    Arthington House
    Hospital Lane
    LS16 6QB

Website: Lighthouse School

St John's Catholic School for the Deaf

Specialist independent school (4-19yrs)

The school is a coeducational, boarding and day school for pupils with sensory and communication need, where spoken language is used.   

All pupils are taught by teachers with additional qualifications in deafness or multi-sensory impairments.   

The school classrooms are acoustically treated and benefit from Soundfield technology. There is a resident audiologist and health and medical needs are coordinated by the school nurse and supported by a programme of personal, social and health education.   

There are strong links with the local child and adolescent mental health team who specialise in working with deaf young people.   

The school also has a team of highly specialised speech and language therapists who deliver both individual and group therapy sessions to all pupils.   

Contact details:
  • 01937 842144   

  • Church Street
    Boston Spa
    LS23 6DF

Website: St Johns

Fulneck School

Independent school (3-18yrs)

Fullneck is an Independent day & boarding school for girls and boys in Leeds. It offers an inclusive education for children with a range of abilities. Some Fulneck students benefit from extra support from the expert teaching staff in our Learning Support Unit (LSU). Their main area of expertise is Dyslexia, where they have been formally awarded a CReSTeD (Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils) DU status.   

As a category DU registered School, Fulneck offers a specialist unit with one-to-one tuition as well as support for students with learning needs in all areas of the curriculum. The pupils can take advantage of individual and small group tuition from experienced specialist teachers, multi-sensory teaching methods and continuity of teaching and support throughout their school career.   

Pupils have access to specialist computer software in a dedicated unit to ensure a relaxed, safe and secure learning environment. In addition, skilled Learning Support Assistants assist some pupils within key areas of the curriculum.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 257 0235   

  • Fulneck
    LS28 8DS

Website: Fulneck School

14+ Apprenticeship Academy (Leeds City College)

college (14-15yrs)

The Apprenticeship Academy has a strong focus on developing real world and employability skills. Itdelivers close pastoral support and strong communication with parents and carers.   

With a class size of no more than 20, their team understands how to get the best out of their learners with tailored teaching to match individual needs.   

Learners frequently make excellent progress. On average, they secure a 98% academic pass rate for their learners. All students are given the tools and guidance to help them advance into further education, apprenticeships, or employment. 100% of learners progress successfully on to post-16 education or training across a range of provisions; whether that’s A levels, apprenticeships, or vocational options.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 284 6493   

  • Park Lane
    LS3 1AA

Website: 14+ Apprenticeship Academy School

Out of Authority provisions

If you feel that local settings are not able to provide a suitable education for your child, you can make a preference for a specialist provision out of the Leeds area.   

Section 38(3) of the Children and Families Act says that you have the right to request any of the following types of school or colleges:   

  • A maintained school or nursery (mainstream or special)
  • An Academy (mainstream or special)
  • An institution in the Further Education sector
  • A non-maintained special school
  • A section 41 Independent (fee paying) school

If you wish to preference a non section 41 Independent school, you will need vidence from a professional as to why the independent setting is the only school or college which can meet your child's needs and an offer of place from the setting.


Some placements are fairly local and can be attended on a daily basis, meaning your child would come home at weekends and holidays.   

Other placements are further away, meaning that your child may be required to live away from home.   

West Yorkshire

Hollybank School

Local Authority maintained specialist school (0-19yrs)

This school supports pupils with profound complex physical, sensory, communication, learning and medical needs.   

The school provides a personalised programme of learning designed to meet the individual interests and learning needs of your child. The school also has high teacher to pupil ratios.   

The school offers both day and residential places in purpose-built residential accommodation for children and adults. The facilities include a state-of-the-art therapy centre with hydrotherapy pool and rebound room, SMART flat, assistive technology suite and a number of sensory rooms. Beyond the main site in Mirfield, there is also have 3 community homes for adults in West and South Yorkshire.   

Contact details:
  • 01924 490 833   

  • Roe Head
    Far Common Road
    West Yorkshire
    WF14 0DQ

Website: Hollybank School   

Kingsland Primary School- Stanley

Local Authority maintained specialist school (2-11yrs)

This site supports pupils with severe or profound and multiple learning difficulties, many pupils in the site also have additional needs including autism, sensory impairment, medical or physical difficulties.   

The school has ceiling track hoisting, specialist ICT resources and height adjustable equipment. sensory rooms, soft play rooms, therapy rooms, hydrotherapy pool and disabled changing facilities.   

Contact details:
  • 01924 828990   

  • Stanley site
    Aberford Road
    WF3 4BA

Website: Kingsland Primary School   

Kingsland Primary School - Castleford

Local Authority maintained specialist school (2-11yrs)

This site supports pupils with severe and complex learning difficulties, many of whom have autism. Some pupils on the site have additional needs including medical or physical difficulties or sensory impairment.   

The site has a sensory Integration Room, outdoor Sensory Integration Provision, Sensory Room, Trampoline, Communication/Language Development Room and a Ball Pool. There is also a Therapy Group Room and fully equipped hygiene areas.   

Contact details:
  • 01977 513769   

  • Castleford site
    Poplar Avenue
    WF10 3QJ

Website: Kingsland Primary School   

Oakfield Park

Local Authority maintained specialist school (11-19yrs)

The school supports students with severe or profound and multiple learning difficulties. Many pupils have additional complex needs including Autistic Spectrum Disorders, sensory impairment, challenging behaviour and physical difficulties.   

There are three bespoke classrooms with attached hygiene suites, a soft play room and a light and sound room. The school also has a small heated swimming pool, ICT Suite, Specialist Food Technology Room, independent living flat and good outdoor spaces.   

Contact details:
  • 01977 613423   

  • Barnsley Road
    West Yorkshire
    WF7 7DT

Website: Oakfield Park   

Ravenshall School

Local Authority maintained specialist school (5-19yrs)

This is a large day special school which caters for pupils with complex learning needs. The majority of pupils have significant learning difficulties combined with other special educational needs such as behavioural difficulties or autistic spectrum disorders.   

A number of students have more complex learning needs including sensory and physical impairments and specific learning difficulties.   

It is a modern school and boasts up to date facilities and technology. All pupils have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan.   

Contact details:
  • 01924 456 811   

  • Ravensthorpe Road
    West Yorkshire
    WF12 9EE

Website: Ravenshall School   

Southgate School

Local Authority maintained specialist school (4-16yrs)

Pupils in the Forest Pathway require a greater focus on their communication and interaction. In most cases, this will be their primary need and will be a significant part of their provision. These pupils have a high level of complex needs. Some of these pupils will require specialist staff skills to support their sensory and physical needs.   

Pupils in the Orchard Pathway have been identified as benefitting from a more formal learning approach. Our Formal Curriculum is a more structured learning programme where the goals and objectives link closely to the national curriculum, but at the appropriate developmental stage.   

Pupils in the Woodland Pathway often have extremely high levels of anxiety and may have experienced some form of trauma in their lives. Therefore, their primary need will be their social, emotional and mental health, along with complex learning and communication needs. These leaners require small group sizes, higher staffing ratios, and a flexible approach to learning activities, led by the pupil’s interests and passions.   

Contact details:
  • 01484 504544   

  • Southfield Road
    HD5 8TG

Website: Southgate School   

Fairfield School

Local Authority maintained specialist school (3-19yrs)

Fairfield caters for pupils with learning difficulties and additional needs. All pupils have an Educational, Health and Care Plan. Pupils come from mainly within Kirklees Authority, however they occasionally have pupils from other authorities.   

Fairfield is a large vibrant special school which provides for 128 pupils with a diverse range of severe and complex learning difficulties; which include profound and multiple learning needs. Many also have additional SENs including neurological impairments, difficulties on the autistic spectrum, sensory and physical disabilities; in addition to profound and multiple learning and medical needs that have an impact on their development. Most pupils are non-verbal and have complex communication needs.   

Contact details:
  • 01924 326103   

  • White Lee Road
    West Yorkshire
    WF17 8AS

Website: Fairfield School   

Castle Hill School

Academy specialist school (3-19yrs)

This school caters for the needs of learners with severe or profound learning difficulties. Many of the students also have complex needs linked to physical or health difficulties. Some of the students are identified as being on the autistic spectrum. Many of our students have sensory impairments and some are multi-sensory impaired.   

The Academy aim to meet the individual needs of all students through a variety of curricular and enrichment opportunities including creative and science projects, specialist music and music interaction. Additionally, we have some rooms designed to meet the needs of learners with ASD. When working in these rooms the learners are supported one-to-one and a teacher designs specific individualised curriculum programmes to meet their needs.   

Contact details:
  • 01484 544 558   

  • Newsome Road South
    HD4 6JL

Website: Castle Hill School   

Co-op Academy Delius

Academy specialist school (2-11yrs)

The school is a purpose built school for pupils with severe and profound learning difficulties and disabilities and/or complex needs and Autism.   

The site at Barkerend Road has just opened its new ‘Sparkle Suite’ which is a space for children with complex medical needs. It’s calming and clutter free, where the school can offer a different kind of curriculum. It’s also the perfect retreat when children are feeling unwell or anxious.

Contact details:
  • 01274 666 472   

  • Barkerend Road
    BD3 8QX

Website: Coop Academy Delius   

High Park School

Academy specialist school (3-19yrs)

The school supports pupils with severe and complex needs arising from communication and interaction difficulties, autism and severe learning difficulties.   

The curriculum is developmentally and age appropriate and is taught through practical experiences in a meaningful and purposeful way. Through careful assessment and tracking of progress the school ensures all opportunities for learning are maximised. They use the SCERTS Framework to underpin learning and intervention programmes to meet pupils’ complex and individual needs including skills in social communication and emotional regulation.   

Contact details:
  • 01274 614092   

  • Thorn Lane
    BD9 6RY

Website: High Park Academy   

Joseph Norton Academy

Academy specialist school (keystage 2-4)

This school catering for pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) difficulties.   

It has 63 places and accepts new admissions from children who have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP), which identifies social, emotional and mental health difficulties as their primary need.   

Contact details:
  • 01484 868218   

  • Busker Lane
    HD8 9JU

Website: Joseph Norton Academy    

William Henry Smith School

Non maintained residential specialist school (8-19yrs)

The school is a non-maintained special school for pupils who have social, emotional and/or mental health difficulties. They may also have additional needs that relate to specific learning difficulties, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).   

The school provides education to boys aged eight to 16 years old and accommodation for boys eight to 19 years old. The older students attend colleges in the regional area. Accommodation is provided in five residential houses in the school’s grounds. The school is set in several acres of land and has a range of facilities. These include an adventure playground, an all-weather sports enclosure, an indoor sports hall and gymnasium and a farm.   

Contact details:
  • 01484 710123   

  • Boothroyd
    HD6 3JW

Website: William Henry Smith School   


Independent school (4-16yrs)

The school has an Autism Resource (known as Shed Court) for up to 10 pupils with 13 members of staff.   

Each young person has their own work area with IT facilities. One-to-one specialist support is offered for individual or small group teaching within the Resource, and for supported inclusion into Coram House (Junior School) or the Senior School as appropriate for each pupil’s individual academic, sporting, practical or social needs.   

Pupils are also able to join in school social times at break and lunch at their own pace, with a one-to-one member of staff available   

The school is an independent Boarding and Day School.   

Contact details:
  • Call Lynne Ward on 01977 611401 ext. 331, or 01977 624331   

  • Autism Resource
    WF7 7LT

Website: Ackworth   

Broadbeck Integrated Therapeutic Provision

Independent specialist school (7-18yrs)

This is a co-educational, specialist 52 week fully integrated, therapeutic, education and care facility situated in Bradford.   

The provision has been established to meet the needs of 14 young people who exhibit a diverse range of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, alongside other associated conditions.   

The provision delivers a ‘24 hour curriculum’ which is structured around developing pupils through building confidence, self-esteem and trust within a supportive learning environment. This gives pupils access to a range of academic, vocational, therapeutic and leisure activities, enabling them to become more confident and successful learners.   

Contact details:
  • 0844 880 6520   

  • Brearcliffe Drive
    BD6 2LE

Website: Broadbeck ITP   

Broadwood school

Independent specialist school (7-18yrs)

The school supports children and young people with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs. The school offers both vocational subjects and the national curriculum core subjects and endeavours for all students to reach their potential in classes offering a 5:2 ratio.   

The school offers classrooms, library, recreational room, ICT suite, dining room where students are provided with a 2 course meal each day. They deliver design & technology (resistant materials), food technology, art and ICT.   

Contact details:
  • 01422 355925   

  • 252 Moor End Road
    HX2 0RU

Website: Broadwood School   

Denby Grange school

Independent specialist school (11-18yrs)

The mixed sex school offers high quality education for pupils with a wide variety of special needs including SEBD, Autism, ODD and ADHD. The school aims to help increase pupils self-esteem and self-worth in order to encourage them to achieve their potential in education, recognising that pupils’ feelings drive their behaviour, so in order to help young people improve their behaviour they initially spend a great deal of time helping them address their individual feelings.   

The school offers specialist rooms to teach: Art, Design and Tech in the VTC, Independent Living Skills/Food Technology, Counselling room and the Connexions room.   

Contact details:
  • 01924 830096   

  • Stocksmoor Road
    WF4 4JG

Website: Denby Grange School   

Hall Cliffe Primary School

Section 41 -Independent specialist school (5-13yrs)

Pupils in Key Stages 1 and 2 follow the national curriculum. Children are taught core subjects (Maths, English and Science) according to their ability so that they are able to make rapid and sustained progress.   

Their aim is for students to achieve high quality outcomes, socially, emotionally and academically, through a wide range of personalised opportunities.   

They offer positive, safe and nurturing environments where pupils are valued as individuals and can develop their confidence, self-esteem, independence, self-discipline and respect.   

Contact details:
  • 01924 614 490   

  • 7 Wrenthorpe Lane
    WF2 0QB

Website: Hall Cliffe Primary School   

Hall Cliffe School

Independent specialist school (8-16yrs)

Pupils in Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 follow the national curriculum.   

Key Stage 2 students form an integrated class where the National Strategies programmes are followed.   

At Key Stage 3 students are introduced to a range of vocational and academic subjects to ensure they have wide subject knowledge before choosing their options for Key Stage 4.   

At Key Stage 4 a range of qualifications/accreditations are offered and taught by specialist subject teachers.   

The students also follow a life skills programme, which involves lessons taught in the classroom and experiential learning outside the classroom.   

The school caters for pupils with a range of needs, including the following: Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), SEMH, ADD, ADHD, ODD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Attachment Difficulties, Tourette’s Syndrome, Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome (PDAS) and OCD.   

Contact details:
  • 01924 663420   

  • Dovecote Lane
    WF4 6BB

Website: Hall Cliffe School   

Meadowcroft School - The Gallery

Section 41 Independent specialist school (4-19yrs)

The school supports pupils with complex social, emotional and mental health needs and many have additional severe learning and communication difficulties, many of which have previously struggled to engage in formal education.   

Primary school children take part in lessons in The Gallery, which also has separate provision for children up to the age of 19 who have very complex needs.   

The property is a beautiful Georgian House in the centre of Wakefield, with light, airy, spacious classrooms. With no more than six children in any class, they endeavour to maintain a calm, controlled atmosphere, where children have the space to work independently and in groups. The Gallery also has a peaceful sensory room and play area, where children can come whenever they need time away from the classroom. It also has a fully equipped flat, where older students are taught valuable life skills.   

Contact details:
  • 01924 366 242   

  • Wentworth Terrace
    WF1 3QW

Website: Meadowcroft School   

Meadowcroft School - The Hub

Section 41 Independent specialist school (11-19yrs)

Children aged 11 and above with SEMH as a primary need attend classes at The Hub.   

The Hub has small class sizes to help children stay calm and focused. There is also have some great additional facilities including a music room kitted out with a range of instruments and recording equipment, and a large gym where children enjoy all sorts of activities including our popular rebound therapy trampoline sessions. The older children have a large common room that they helped to decorate themselves with the help of a local artist. The main kitchen, which serves delicious meals, including bacon sandwiches in the morning, is located at The Hub.   

Contact details:
  • 01924 366 242   

  • 24 Bar Lane
    WF1 4AD

Website: Meadowcroft School   

Meadowcroft School - The Works

Section 41 Indpendent specialist school (11-19yrs)

The Works is new addition; a purpose built site that offers fully accredited vocational courses in Motor Mechanics, Business, Construction, Hair and Beauty, Catering and Health and Social Care. The site is just a few minutes from both The Hub and The Gallery, so students can make the most of the sessions they have at the Works.   

Pupils will study at least two vocational courses alongside the core subjects and PSHE. Pupils will also have access to the therapeutic provision including SALT, Art Therapy, Psychotherapy, Lego Therapy, Rebound Therapy and Thrive along with tailored Interventions provision.   

Contact details:
  • 01924 366 242   

  • Garden St
    WF1 1DX

Website: Meadowcroft School   

Millcourt School

Independent specialist school (9-19yrs)

Millcourt School is a co-educational, independent, specialist day school, providing high quality education for boys and girls. Based in Shelf, the school will meet the needs of a diverse group of pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs, alongside a range of other associated conditions.   

The school has on-site Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists, and counselling is offered by an integrated clinical services team directly employed by the school.   

Contact details:
  • 01274 924661   

  • Wade House Road
    HX3 7PA

Website: Millcourt School   

River Bank Primary

Section 41 Independent specialist school (5-11yrs)

Riverbank Primary School is a specialist school helping young children with social, emotional, behavioural and mental health challenges to re-engage with learning and make academic and social progress.   

The school provides high quality care and education for children aged between 5 and 11 in a safe and stimulating environment. They ensure that every child experiences success: individualised learning programmes are designed to enable this, and highly skilled and dedicated staff create unique and engaging learning opportunities for all children.   

Contact details:
  • 01422415529   

  • Unit 2
    Ripponden Mill
    Mill Fold
    Sowerby Bridge
    HX6 4DH

Website: Riverbank Primary School   

The Grange School

Independent specialist school (7-14yrs)

The Grange School is a small specialist provision which provides education for pupils with behavioural, Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs who need a smaller, more specialised intervention than can be provided in a mainstream school.   

The school consist of 16 pupils and 4 teachers.   

Their aim is to re-engage pupils in learning and provide a quality education for even the most challenging pupils   

Contact details:
  • 01924 378957   

  • 2 Milner Way
    WF5 9JE

Website: The Grange School   

South Yorkshire

Green Acre School

Academy specialist school (4-19yrs)

The majority of children attending Greenacre experience severe learning difficulties.   

The school also supports students with Complex Learning Difficulties such as communication and interaction difficulties (ASD/Autism) of complex physical and/or medical conditions.   

Greenacre School also has fully integrated provision for children with specific speech and language difficulties who are admitted as part of the designated speech and language provision at the school.   

Contact details:
  • 01226 287165   

  • Keresforth Hill Road
    S70 6RG

Website: Greenacre School   

Springwell Learning Community

Academy specialist school (5-16yrs)

Springwell Special Academy provides cross-phase education for children with emotional, social and mental health difficulties.   

Based on an ethos of ‘unconditional positive regard’ staff provide authentic care and know the pupils really well. Pupils are supported in their learning with a focus on personalised pathways, appropriate curriculum and deserved outcomes.   

The school provides education which is tailored to the varied needs of the pupils. They deliver programmes of study which can lead to GCSE accreditation but also address social and emotional needs. Pupils are supported in their learning with therapeutic intervention, vocational learning, family support, welfare support and personalised programmes.   

Contact details:
  • 01226 291133   

  • St Helen’s Boulevard
    Carlton Road
    S71 2AY

Website: Wellspring Academy   

Doncaster School for the Deaf

Non maintained specialist school (4-19yrs)

Doncaster School for the Deaf was founded in 1829, and is one of the oldest deaf schools in the UK. They provide a pupil-centred approach to education from the earliest years up to the age of 19. All pupils have an Education and Health Care Plan.   

Although they are based in Doncaster, they are a national resource and pupils come to us via local authorities from all over the UK. The school offers a safe and nurturing environment in which children can learn and communicate effectively to achieve their goals.   

Contact details:
  • 01302 386733   

  • Doncaster Deaf Trust
    Leger Way
    DN2 6AY

Website: Doncaster School for the Deaf   

Paces Green School for Conductive Education

Non maintained specialist school (3-18yrs)

Paces is a small specialist school for children living with Cerebral Palsy and other neurological disorders. It is situated in the North of Sheffield and provide education for children from Sheffield and other neighbouring authorities.   

Paces is a non-maintained special school that delivers the National Curriculum through the framework of Conductive Education. Conductive Education (CE) is an educational approach that incorporates education, therapy and academic learning into one comprehensive approach.   

Contact details:
  • 0114 284 5298   

  • Paces High Green Centre
    Pack Horse Lane
    High Green
    S35 3HY

Website: Paces School   

The Robert Ogden School

Section 41 Independent residential specialist school (5-19yrs)

The Robert Ogden School is an independent school managed by the National Autistic Society (NAS). The school has capacity for 127 children with special educational needs who have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). There are currently 111 children on roll and 10 of these use the residential provision.   

The school uses the framework developed by the NAS to understand and support pupils with ASD. This framework also underpins the ASD-specific training that all staff receive. All pupils have an individual education, health and care plan (EHC plan). The school was awarded advanced status of the Autism Accreditation scheme by the NAS in April 2019. The care of residential pupils is supported by the on-site personal support team, which provides specialist occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and psychological and behavioural support.   

Contact details:
  • 01709 874 443   

  • Clayton lane
    S63 0BG

Website: Robert Ogden School   

Wilsic Hall School

Section 41 Independent residential specialist school (11-19yrs)

Wilsic Hall School is a specialist residential school offering education and care for 32 children and young people, all of whom have complex needs including behaviour that may challenge and a learning disability, often in association with autism.   

The mission of the Hesley Group is to enable people with complex needs to reach their full potential.   

The school supports pupils with Autism, learning disabilities, behaviour that challenges services, complex communication needs, Pathological Demand Avoidance, epilepsy, sensory needs and hearing impairment.   

Contact details:
  • 0800 055 6789   

  • Wadworth
    South Yorkshire
    DN11 9AG

Website: Wilsic Hall School   

Abbeywood School

Independent specialist school (10-18yrs)

The school supports pupils with social and emotional issues, complex communication and/or learning difficulties with related anxieties and behaviours.   

Abbeywood School offers learners a wide variety of opportunities which are geared towards their needs and interests. All pupils have an EHCP and they meet each pupil’s individual needs through careful setting of pupil targeted support, intervention, daily structure, routine and through detailed assessment procedures.   

The school has a multi-disciplinary team consisting of teachers, pastoral care staff, teaching and learning assistants, a speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, mental health practitioner, assistant psychologist and educational psychologist.   

Contact details:
  • 01709 916900   

  • Rother Way
    S66 8QN

Website: Abbeywood School   

Brantwood Specialist School

Independent specialist school (7-19yrs)

Brantwood is an independent specialist school for children and young people with complex difficulties, particularly Autistic Spectrum Conditions, including Asperger Syndrome, attachment disorder, PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance syndrome) and ADHD.   

Using therapeutic and practical skills curriculum, the school supports students to re-engage with education. Individual therapies, such as speech and language, movement (eurhythmy), massage, art and occupational therapies, are incorporated into each young person’s education plan as appropriate.   

Contact details:
  • 0114 258 9062   

  • 1 Kenwood Bank
    Nether Edge
    S7 1NU

Website: Brantwood Special School   

North Bridge Enterprise College

Independent specialist school (14-16yrs)

Northbridge Enterprise College is a specialist provision which caters for students with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. The College provides an alternative education programme for those students who are at risk of exclusion due to their challenging behaviour. The values and aims of the College are the promotion of inclusion through work and activity related learning, supported by an educational, vocational and enterprise network.   

The school offers classrooms, ICT suite, fully equipped hair and beauty salon, construction training area, and food technology area, library, art room, recreation room. The school delivers GCSEs, Functional skills in English, Maths and ICT, ASDAN Personal and Social Development Certificate, ASDAN Employability Award and AQA unit awards.   

Contact details:
  • 01302 343935   

  • Marshgate
    Elwis Street
    DN5 8AF

Website: Northbridge Enterprise College   

Park House School

Independent specialist school (7-17yrs)

Park House School is a small specialist provision which caters for pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties who need a smaller, more structured educational placement in order to develop their true potential.   

Many of the children who come to Park House School have been diagnosed with conditions such as ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia/Dyspraxia and Moderate Learning Difficulties.   

The school is housed in a detached property over two levels and has several large classrooms including purpose built areas for I.C.T., Art, Woodwork and Food Technology.   

Contact details:
  • 01226 744 870   

  • Wentworth Way
    S75 3DH

Website: Park House School   

North Yorkshire

Cambian Scarborough School

Section 41 Indpendent specialist school (8-18yrs)

Cambian Scarborough School is a co-educational day school, providing specialist education up to 18 students.   

The School is non-denominational and has a secular ethos, but respects the cultural needs and religious beliefs for all. The School specialises in educating students with SEMH through flexible learning programmes, delivered using high-quality teaching and exceptional pastoral care.   

Behavioural management strategies are applied consistently and sensitively, ensuring that students are clear about boundaries and expectations, so that behaviour in classes contributes to good academic progress. They also place emphasis on preparation for adult life, particularly through the personal, social, citizenship and health (PSHCE) curriculum.   

Contact details:
  • 01723 582073   

  • Unit 11
    Plaxton Park Industrial Estate
    Cayton Low Road
    YO11 3BQ

Website: Cambian Scarborougjh School   

Breckenbrough School

Independent specialist school (9-19yrs)

Breckenbrough offers day and residential placements for boys with a range of complex needs, including Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC), Asperger’s Syndrome (AS), Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA), Tourette’s Syndrome (TS) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD).   

The school offers a bespoke, special school approach in delivering the national curriculum, providing a nurturing, supportive and low stress environment to help students learn to manage their behaviours and make social and academic progress.   

Contact details:
  • 01845 587 238   

  • Sandhutton
    nr Thirsk
    YO7 4EN

Website: Breckenbrough School   

Cambian Spring Hill School

Local Authority maintained specialist school (8-19yrs)

Cambian Spring Hill School is a 38 and 52 week mixed-gender residential and day school for children and young people with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and other related conditions. They support children and young people with a wide range of learning difficulties including those with behavioural, social, emotional, mental health and communication disorders.   

The school offers access to the National Curriculum using modified or differentiated programmes of study where appropriate, depending on the needs of the individual. They offer a range of qualifications including AQA GCSEs, Pearson BTECs, Functional Skills, Ascentis Entry Level Awards (Stepping Stones), LIBF LiFE Certificates, AQA Unit Awards and various short courses.   

Contact details:
  • 01765 603320   

  • Palace Road
    HG4 3HN

Website: Cambian Spring Hill School   

Springwater School

Local authority maintained specialist school (2-19yrs)

Springwater is a vibrant and progressive day school catering for students ranging from two to nineteen years. The school offers places to students who may have profound and multiple, severe or physical difficulties, the majority of our current students have co-existing or multiple needs. They also cater for students with autistic spectrum condition and elements of challenging behaviour. All pupils have an education, health and care plan.   

The school environment is designed to enable pupils to enjoy their learning in well-equipped classrooms, sensory spaces and pool. Further afield pupils take part in off-site educational visits.   

Contact details:
  • 01423 883214   

  • High Street Starbeck
    HG2 7LW

Website: Springwater School   

East Riding

Cambian Beverley School

Section 41 Independent specialist school (9-18yrs)

Cambian Beverley School is a co-educational day school, providing specialist education for up to 16 students, with on-going social, emotional and mental health difficulties (SEMH).   

The School in non-denominational and has a secular ethos, but respects the cultural needs and religious beliefs of all. The School specialises in educating students with SEMH through flexible learning programmes, delivered using high-quality teaching and exceptional pastoral care.   

Behavioural management strategies are applied consistently and sensitively, ensuring that students are clear about boundaries and expectations, so that behaviour in classes contributes to good academic progress. They also place emphasis on preparation for adult life, particularly through the personal, social, citizenship and health (PSHCE) curriculum.   

Contact details:
  • 01482 307830   

  • Priory Road
    HU17 0EW

Website: CambianBeverley School   

Horton House School

Independent specialist school (5-16+yrs)

Horton House offers coeducational residential and day places. The school is registered for 37 pupils and currently there are no learners in the sixth form. The school caters for pupils with a range of special educational needs and/or disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities and social, emotional and mental health difficulties. Many of the pupils attending have experienced significant disruption in their previous education or substantial periods of time missing education.   

The school offers a broad curriculum tailored to individual needs to help students achieve their full potential at the school. They also offer play therapy as part of the support available to any individual who might benefit from the chance to explore personal issues or who may be experiencing difficulties.   

The school also has a sensory room facility aimed at creating stimulating and yet calming atmosphere for students with special needs.   

Contact details:
  • 01482 875191   

  • Hilltop Farm
    Sutton Road
    Kingston upon Hull
    HU7 5YY

Website: Horton House School   


Aurora Brambles School

Section 41 Independent specialist school (9-16yrs)

The school provides specialist education for young people with Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties (SEMH).   

They have a skilled and experienced team who can support young people with a variety of difficulties, whose learning may have been impacted by challenging behaviours, low self-esteem or difficulty with relationships which may have caused them to miss large chunks of their education.   

The school supports students with;   

  • Social Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH)
  • Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia)
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder/ Autistic Spectrum Conditions
  • Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD)
  • Moderate Learning difficulties (MLD)
  • Conduct Disorder
  • Attachment Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Education is delivered for 38 weeks of the year. 190 days per year.   

Contact details:
  • 01772 454 826   

  • 159 Longmeanygate
    PR26 7TB

Website: Aurora Brambles School   

Aurora Keyes Barn School

Section 41 Independent specialist school (5-12yrs)

The school provides specialist education for boys with Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties (SEMH).   

The school supports boys with;   

  • Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD)
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Dyspraxia
  • Dyslexia, Dyscalculia & Dysgraphia
  • Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

All pupils are provided with enhanced support throughout the school day. This will enable pupils to access the curriculum and participate in school activities.   

Education is delivered for 38 weeks of the year. Pupils are admitted throughout the year.   

Contact details:
  • 01772 673 672   

  • Station Road
    PR4 0YH

Website: Aurora Barn School   

Belmont school

Section 41 Independent specialist school (5-16yrs)

The school provides education for boys who have very complex social, emotional and mental health needs. Many of the boys who attend Belmont also have additional learning and communication difficulties.   

Many of their students have previously been excluded from mainstream education and often have a very negative attitude toward school, therefore the school work to nurture an interest in learning.   

Through their Primary School, Secondary School and Vocational Training Unit, they offer boys a wide range of creative indoor and outdoor learning opportunities and extracurricular activities. Class sizes are small, and the school bring in a range of external therapists who can work on a one-to-one basis with students as required.   

Contact details:
  • Primary 01706 222 609; Secondary 01706 221 043   

  • Belmont Primary
    Peel Street
    BB4 7LJ

  • Belmont Secondary
    Haslingden Road
    BB4 6RX

Website: Belmont School   

Cedar House School

Section 41 Independent residential specialist school (7-18yrs)

Cedar House School is a residential special school for boys and girls with a variety of emotional, social and mental health difficulties and associated challenging behaviour. The school caters for day and residential pupils.   

The school offers learners a wide variety of opportunities which are geared towards their needs and interests. All pupils have an EHCP and they meet each pupil’s individual needs through careful setting of pupil targeted support, intervention, daily structure, routine and through detailed assessment procedures.   

Contact details:
  • 015242 61149   

  • Low Bentham,br/>Lancaster
    LA2 7DD

Website: Cedar House School   

Crookhey Hall School

Section 41 Independent specialist school (10-17yrs)

The school has the capacity to educate 74 boys and girls as day pupils within nine class groups. The pupils all have EHCP’s identifying social, emotional and mental health difficulties.   

Well-resourced specialist facilities, including a large horticulture area, hair and beauty salon, construction workshop and catering department, ensure pupils can focus their interest to a variety of attainable employment opportunities.   

The pupils at Crookhey Hall School frequently arrive as disaffected youngsters lacking self-esteem, self-control, direction, goals, role models, expectations and motivation. Their aim is to to re-engage pupils in the life and routines of school, habituate attendance and develop socially adjusted young people who can successfully integrate into society and lead productive, purposeful lives.   

Contact details:
  • 01524 792 618   

  • Garstang Road
    LA2 0HA

Website: Crookhey Hall School   

Cumberland School

Section 41 Independent specialist school (11-19yrs)

Cumberland School is a Co-Educational day school split across two sites. Bridge Campus is based in Bamber Bridge near Preston and Beacon Campus in Rivington, Horwich. The school meets the needs of a diverse group of pupils with a range of complex learning needs, and challenging behaviours.   

Cumberland Bridge Campus currently caters for pupils with ASD and associated complex needs. Cumberland Beacon Campus caters for pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties with many pupils presenting with additional co-existing conditions, such as ADHD, Attachment Disorder and Speech and Language Difficulties   

Contact details:
  • 01204 324446   

  • Cumberland School
    Rivington Lane
    BL6 7RX

Website: Cumberland School   

Oakfield House School

Section 41 Independent specialist school (5-12yrs)

Oakfield House School is registered for 36 boys and girls. The pupils at the school have a range of educational needs including emotional, social and Mental Health difficulties which have made it hard for them to cope with mainstream primary schooling. They are also able to provide a separate provision for children with Autistic Spectrum Conditions in a purpose built facility attached to the school.   

Currently pupils are divided into four classes; Sycamore and Birch are located in the main school building with Maple and Willow ASC unit located in the recently built facility.   

Oakfield House School has an outdoor sports area, a multi-use games arena (MUGA), outdoor play equipment and a large sunken garden with picnic benches for children to use.   

Contact details:
  • 01772 672 630   

  • Station Road,br/>Salwick
    PR4 0YH

Website: Oakfield House School   

Oliver House School

Section 41 Independent specialist school (6-19yrs)

Oliver House School is a highly specialist school for children with autism. It is specially designed to support young people with high-functioning autism, as well as those with complex autism with significant learning difficulties. The school also has four associated children’s homes, offering 52 week residential care.   

All students admitted have an EHCP and will have experienced difficulties within mainstream and local authority special schools. Many will have been excluded from previous schools or had problems at home because of their complex and challenging needs and behaviours.   

Contact details:
  • 01257 220 011   

  • Hallgate
    Astley Village
    PR7 1XA

Website: Oliver House School   


Section 41 Independent specialist school (5-19yrs)

Pontville School specialises in supporting pupils with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome and Speech Language and Communication Needs.   

Pontville offers a range of provision including day and 38 week residential placements. The school’s residential accommodation consists of two small provisions within the main school building for young people who are resident from Monday to Friday for up to 38 weeks. The school is also able to offer 52 week residential provision working in partnership with a specialist children’s home within the Witherslack Group.   

Contact details:
  • 01695 578 734   

  • Pontville School
    Black Moss Lane
    L39 4TW

Website: Pontville School   

Red Rose School

Section 41 Independent specialist school (7-16+yrs)

The Red Rose School provides for the educational, emotional and social needs of up to 52 girls and boys who experience Specific learning difficulties and associated conditions, or have experiences and needs that cause them to become delicate and vulnerable in a mainstream setting.   

Pupils fall within the SpLD continuum form mild to severe and often have multiple diagnoses from various medical, social and educational professionals and associated support agencies.   

Contact details:
  • 01253 720570   

  • Red Rose School
    28-30 North Promenade
    St Annes on Sea
    FY8 2NQ

Website: Red Rose School   

Roselyn House School

Section 41 Independent specialist school (10-19yrs)

Roselyn House School is an independent, co-educational school. The school are providers of specialised individual and personalised, education for Young People with a range of Social, Emotional, Behavioural and Specific Learning Difficulties. They cater for a range of students and have proven success with extremely vulnerable students who may have more complex and psychological difficulties.   

They have a range of experienced Senior Managers, Teachers and Learning Support Staff who have proven experience in ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, Autistic Spectrum disorders, Mental Health disorders/diagnosis, sexual exploitation, abuse, attachment disorder and misuse of substances.   

Contact details:
  • 01772 435948   

  • Roselyn House School
    Moss Lane
    PR25 4SE

Website: Roselyn House School   

Rossendale School Limited

Section 41 Independent specialist school (8-18yrs)

Rossendale School provides an education for up to 70 young people who have social, emotional and mental health difficulties who will also be diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and possibly a variety of other comorbid syndromes.   

The school is also able to offer residential support for up to 12 young people, which has been judged as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted for the past ten years. Their two homes can accommodate both boys and girls on weekly boarding placements, as well as respite care for existing pupils.   

The school incorporates the main school site, a community-based sixth form and two associated residential homes, around four miles away from the main school site.   

Contact details:
  • 01706 822 779   

  • Bamford Road
    BL0 0RT

Website: Rossendale School   

Waterloo Lodge School

Section 41 Independent specialist school (11-18yrs)

Waterloo Lodge School is an independent co-educational day school catering for year olds who have an EHCP for social, emotional and mental health needs.   

The school offers a successful, therapeutic approach to re-engage pupils who’ve endured serious difficulties at their previous schools. Waterloo Lodge offers places to secondary pupils with social & emotional problems, ADHD, autism, and associated conditions.   

In addition to general classrooms there is a Science laboratory, an ICT Suite, an Art room, and a Food Technology room. PE lessons take place in nearby specialist sports facilities with a range of venues being used for Outdoor Education.   

Contact details:
  • 01257 230 894   

  • 173 Preston Road,br/>Chorley
    PR6 7AX

Website: Waterloo Lodge School   

Westmoreland School

Section 41 Independent specialist school (5-11yrs)

The school supports children who are on the autistic spectrum and for those requiring additional emotional and/or social support.   

The aim of the school is to enable and encourage pupils to learn how to play and develop their basic co-ordination and literacy skills so that they can access learning again.   

Pupils are also given the opportunity to take part in activities outside of the classroom, such as forest school and horse assisted learning, to help them to build their confidence and develop a range of skills to support their personal development.   

As required, young people have the support of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Mental Health Practitioners, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists.   

Contact details:
  • 01257 278899   

  • Weldbank Lane
    PR7 3NQ

Website: Westmorland School    

Underley Gardens

Independent specialist school (5-19yrs)

Located near the market town of Kirkby Lonsdale on the edge of the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales, Underley Garden is an Independent Special School and Children’s Home. They state that they are specialists in Education, Care and Therapy for young people with autistic spectrum conditions, learning difficulties, complex behaviour associated with autism and anxiety and mental health needs.   

The school was judged to be Outstanding in all areas in January 2018.They also provide continuing care through our 19-25 service, Underley Adult Care.   

Underley Garden adopts a holistic, person-centred approach to the development of our young people and endeavours to ensure that they achieve as high a standard as possible. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of education, care and therapy to meet the individual requirements of young people with complex special educational needs.   

Contact details:
  • 01524 271 569   

  • Kirkby Lonsdale
    LA6 2DZ

Website: Underley Garden