On this page you will find information and practical advice about visiting potential new schools and settings and preparing for and attending meetings about your child's SEND.

Visiting new schools and settings

It is important to feel that a school or setting is right for your child and can meet their needs.

We would always advise visiting any potential new settings, if you can, to get a feel for it, see how things are laid out and how they deliver their learning.

We recommend that you:

  • have some questions prepared that you want to ask
  • ask your child for their views (if possible)

We have created a visiting schools checklist that contains some helpful prompts and suggested questions that you might find helpful.

SEND support meetings

Sometimes it can be really helpful to ask for, or attend, a meeting to discuss your child's SEND, any concerns you have and become involved in any decision making or planning to support them.

SEND meetings are often with the schools special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCo), but you may want to ask the class teacher or a support assistant to attend too, if you think their input would be helpful.

We have created a SEND Meeting checklist that contains advice, prompts and some email templates that you might find helpful.