How to make a complaint

If you have spoken about any concerns with your child's school or setting, but still feel unhappy with the results, you can make a complaint.

To make a complaint you need to:
  • put it in writing and use the word "complaint"
  • be clear about the issues you want to be looked at
  • say what you would like to happen next

If you’re making a complaint about a school, you will need to send your complaint to the head teacher. Their complaints procedure will also be on their website.

If you do not receive a response, are unhappy with it, or your complaint involves the head teacher, you can send your complaint to the governing body.

For Academies, you will need to check their website for the complaints policy.

You can also send your complaint to Leeds City Council. If you haven’t made your complaint to the school first, it is likely that they will ask you to do this before they look into the complaint for you.


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