The information on this page applies to young people that have Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs).

SILC Placements

There are Specialist Inclusive Learning Centres (SILCs) in Leeds; that provide teaching to children and young people who have severe and complex difficulties and are unable to access mainstream provision, many pupils go on to do their Post 16 education at their SILC.   

East SILC John Jamieson

Specialist school (16-19yrs)

The Post 16 programme of study at East SILC has a core focus that is driven by the intention to prepare our learners for adulthood, whatever pathway the students are accessing. Students access a curriculum that is designed and directed by themselves as well as other stakeholders such as parents, carers and staff through consultation at the beginning of each academic year.    

Skills that students often identify they want to learn often include:   

  • Self-help and independence skills development through cooking, financial responsibility, off-site leisure activities, enterprise activities and developing their understanding of adult feelings and emotions,
  • Physical / mobility development through off-site sporting / leisure activities
  • Self-confidence through work–experience, internships, sports and physical activity, college link course opportunities and broader life experiences, such as residential visits and authentic adult opportunities.
  • Post 16 provision also includes a site at Brigshaw which some young people can access from Year 12.   

    Contact details:
    • 0113 293 0236   

    • Hollin Hill Drive
      LS8 2PW

    Website: East Silc Post 16

North East SILC West Oaks: Woodhouse Learning

Specialist school (16-19yrs)

Young people in this provision are taught within the body of the school with secondary age pupils. Please contact setting for more information.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 3235871   

  • Crowther Place
    LS6 2ST

Website: Woodhouse Learning Post 16

North East SILC West Oaks: Boston Spa Learning

Specialist school (16-19yrs)

The 16+ curriculum aims to develop the skills necessary to ensure a smooth transition from school to college and adult life. There is a strong emphasis on developing the skills necessary for independent living through personal and social development, key skills and applied and vocational learning.   

The majority of students are taught in small groups in a separate 16+ base. Students are supported by learning guides as well as the class lead. A high staffing ratio is based on the needs of the individuals within each group.   

16+ has a study programme that is designed and organised so that all pupils attain a qualification in Foundation Learning by the end of the key stage/time they leave school.   

Contact details:
  • 01937 844772   

  • Westwood Way
    Boston Spa
    LS23 6DX

Website: West Oaks Post 16

West SILC: The Powerhouse

Specialist school (16-19yrs)

The Powerhouse is West SILC's 16-19 provision. At the Powerhouse, each students' learning journey is based around the 'Foundation Learning Programme'.   

This is focused into two main areas: 'Learning to Live' and 'Learning to Earn'. These two strands enable students to develop their skills in real life situations. We replicate scenarios they will encounter in their current and future life and then support and build upon these skills. Students access the community regularly to ensure they develop transferrable skills needed in the wider world.   

Students are grouped and taught based on ability, not age, with differentiated learning resources utilised to meet their individual needs. Across the week, students will access three formal taught days and either two life skills/PSHE sessions or work experience, appropriate to the individual's learning journey    

Contact details:
  • 0113 229 9000   

  • Unit 2
    52 Bagley Lane
    LS28 5LJ

  • Website: West Silc Post 16

South SILC: Broomfield

Specialist school (16-19yrs)

Within the Post 16 Department, students follow a functional curriculum in each pathway. A functional curriculum for learners with SEND is focused on the development of knowledge in relation to real-life situations and scenarios.    

This still includes an academic element for those where it is relevant, particularly in relation to English and maths. In contrast to a ‘traditional’ curriculum, with a functional curriculum for SEND learners, subjects are taught specifically through the lens of a practical life skills, for us the focus is ‘home’, ‘self’ and ‘travel’.   

The idea of developing functional skills is to help learners to practice actions and interactions that are a part of daily life. With practice, they will become more confident with these tasks, meaning that they will be better prepared for life, for being responsible for something in their own home, independent living or contributing to society with things like jobs or volunteer work.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 277 1603   

  • Broom Place
    Belle Isle
    LS10 3JP

Website: South Silc Post 16


Future Horizons

College (19-24yrs)

Future Horizons Leeds is a specialist post-19 college and social care day provision for adults with complex learning and communication needs. They provide specialised education programmes for those who are continuing on their learning journey and have an EHCP in place, and that can continue until the age of 25.   

There are four pathways available, all assessed depending on the individual’s needs.   

  • FHL Embedding Life Skills
  • FHL Employability
  • FHL Sensory & Communication
  • FHL Towards Life Skills

They have two sites in Leeds, West and South. Both are fully equipped, and the site allocated depends on the needs of the student    

Contact details:
  • 01132747894   

  • West
    Unit 1
    2 Wyther Lane
    LS5 3BT

  • South
    Unit 7
    Landmark Court
    Elland Road
    LS11 8JT

Website: Future Horizons

Leeds City College: Joseph Priestley Centre

College (16-24yrs)

Joseph Priestley Centre offers community-focused courses for 19+ learners as well as Foundation Studies. The courses include employability courses, leisure courses, pre-internships, and supported internships and are designed to take your skills to the next level.   

Foundation Studies is comprised of a bespoke curriculum that promotes independent living, community inclusion, health and wellbeing, and employment opportunities. The courses are suited to anyone with disabilities, learning difficulties, or difficulty managing emotions and behaviour. The courses support with progression by providing learners with the skills needed in adulthood, specifically aimed at greater independence, supported living, and work-related learning.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 386 1997   

  • Burton Ave
    LS11 5ER

Website: Joseph Priestley

Leeds City College: The Foundry/Somerville House

College (16-24yrs)

Located near Printworks Campus, The Foundry/ Somerville House is a small campus that offers a high staff to student ratio. They welcome a range of learners aged 16-24 including Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs, high needs and those needing the grades at GCSE to progress on to further programmes of study.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 386 1997   

  • Leathley Road
    West Yorkshire
    LS10 1BG

Website: The Foundry

Leeds City College: Temple Newsam Home Farm

College (16-24yrs)

With a thriving landscape, the vibrant School of Land & Animal Sciences is based at Home Farm. Home Farm houses the animal care and animal management courses, allowing students to get hands-on practical experience of raising farm animals and observing wildlife.   

The School of Land & Animal Sciences is based at Home Farm at Temple Newsam, allowing students to put theory into practice in a natural environment. Courses cover multiple principles and practices of animal care across domestic animals and wildlife. Students can expect to gain management knowledge as well as practical experience with grooming and caring.   

Contact details:
  • Temple Newsam Road
    LS15 0BG

Website: Temple Newsam Home Farm

Leeds City College: Vine

College (16-24yrs)

Known as Vine, Queenswood Education Centre is the Headingley hub for learners with severe and complex learning difficulties. It ensures that students’ needs are catered for, allowing them to reach their potential. Vine has multiple classrooms and care facilities incorporating tracking hoists.   

Individual medical regimes are taken care of, in conjunction with NHS services.   

Learning programmes are created around individual EHCP outcomes, alongside the development of life skills, communication, and independence. Courses are extremely personalised and are designed to support progression. These courses may be suitable if you have few or no formal qualifications.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 284 6682 or 0113 284 6675.   

  • Queenswood Education Centre
    Foxcroft Close
    LS6 3NT

Website: Vine

Leeds College of Building

College (16-24yrs)

Leeds College of Building offers a supported provision for students with SEND, who have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or have High Needs.   

The Bridge Builder course can be personalised to meet most individual needs; learners will work towards outcomes linked to further study, employment and independent futures. The course benefits from reduced class sizes and a small dedicated staff team who work closely with the students throughout their course.   

The course is built around construction trades and employability/social skills with maths, English, enrichment and work experience sessions included within the timetable.   

Maths and English levels offered are based on exam achievements and College assessments. The Bridge Builder group engage in either Functional Skills or GCSEs.   

Construction trades offered within the Bridge Builder course:   

  • Joinery
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Plastering & Tiling

Contact details:
  • 0113 222 6000   

  • North Street
    LS2 7QT

Website: Leeds College of Building

Lighthouse Futures Trust

Specialist post-16 employability college (16-25yrs)

Lighthouse Futures Trust support young people, aged 16-25, with an EHCP who want to move into paid employment in the future. They have two core programmes:   

  • Pre-internship: a one-to-two-year placement primarily based on the college site following an interactive and engaging programme focusing on developing social and employability skills. This is for students aged 16-18 and those who are not quite ready for employment.
  • Supported Internship: a 10-month placement with interns aged 18+ who work with a locally based employer for 3 days a week, supported by one of expert job coaches. They receive further support at college to develop skills in enterprise and employability. The ultimate aim is for interns to move into paid employment, where LFT has delivered outstanding results over the past four years.

All students are supported to gain Maths & English qualifications, if these have not already been achieved. They also provide opportunities to gain qualifications in occupational studies and other areas.

Contact details:
  • 0113 340 0006   

  • Moorfield House
    Alma Road
    LS6 2AH

Website: Lighthouse Futures Trust

Nacro Leeds

College (16-18yrs)

Nacro are England’s largest independent training provider of education and skills to 16–18 year olds and are rated Good by Ofsted.   

Students can choose from: Employment skills, English and maths, GCSE English and maths, Hospitality and catering, Mechanics and engineering. English and maths can be only be offered to learners that require the grades. They are able to do so alongside their vocational course.   

They offer:   

  • Places for local young people to achieve qualifications
  • Professional, experienced and dedicated staff
  • Small class sizes
  • Face-to-face learning, feedback and support for every learner
  • Financial support and resources to attend courses

Contact details:
  • 0113 239 2674   

  • Valley Mills
    334 Meanwood Road
    LS7 2JF

Website: Nacro

PINC college

Specialist college for creative education(16-25yrs)

Pinc College provides a creative curriculum within an alternative setting, for students who will make positive progress exploring Art, Design and Creativity.   

  • Specialise in supporting Neurodiverse young people
  • Offer a purposeful pathway to careers in the cultural and creative sectors
  • Offer a Creative Study Programme
  • Based in Museums and Art Galleries
  • Provide a supported autism pathway
  • Small learning groups (No more than 7)
  • Tailored programmes to your aspirations
  • Embedded & 1:1 support with our SENCO (Create KS4)
  • Speech & Communication and Mental Health practitioners
  • Dedicated team of qualified and experienced education professionals
  • Work with an ethos of being Respectful, Responsible, Safe & Kind

The curriculum focuses on Art Design and Craft attainment and qualifications, with English and Maths where applicable. Functional skills such as English, Maths, Communication and ICT are embedded throughout each individual study programme.   

Where students aged 16-18, and 19-25 with an EHCP, have not attained the required grades in English and Maths, their study programmes will comply with the ESFA condition of funding regulations.   

Engage is their full-time creative learning framework, giving access to level 2 and 3 qualifications, over 1 or 2 years, with work experience in the cultural and creative sectors. Link programmes are available to support transition pre enrolment.   

Contact details:
  • 0161 667 0910   

  • The Tetley,
    Hunslet Rd
    LS10 1JQ

Website: Engage - Post 16 Study Programme

Swarthmore Education Centre

Section 41 approved Independent College (16-25yrs)

Swarthmore is a centre for lifelong learning, community projects and family learning sessions as well as courses and activities. The Centre has a range of courses for people who need learning support in the classroom.    

These are described in the brochure as ‘supported courses’. Students are supported in the classroom, on an individual and /or group basis, and include;   

  • Supported Art Courses
  • Supported Skills for Life
  • Other Supported Courses

The Centre also offers the Swarthmore Study Programme.    

This full time course for young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, offers a wide range of opportunities to suit the needs of individual students, including work placements and qualifications at all levels, from Entry to GCE A levels.   

We focus on providing a general education and utilise a broad range of learning opportunities to improve English, Maths and IT skills, with the aim of preparing our students for employment or further training. The course promotes the development of ‘independence skills’, e.g. travel training and decision making.   

Supported Internship – A work focussed programme for 1 – 2 years. Can be used as progression from the main programme or accessed separately.   

Contact details:
  • 0113 243 2210   

  • 2-7 Woodhouse Square
    LS3 1AD

Website: Swarthmore Education Centre

Out of Authority

If local college provision is not suitable on educational grounds, it may be possible to attend a specialist college out of the Leeds area. Some places are fairly local and can be attended on a daily basis. Other places are further afield and students will live there during the week and possibly week-ends.   

If there is no other suitable provision which the young person could attend, then an independent school (fee paying) may be named in Section I of the EHC plan and the LA will take responsibility for paying the fees. There are also section 41 independent schools.   

Beaumont College

Section 41 Independent specialist college (18-25yrs)

Beaumont College offers both residential and day programmes in Lancaster.   

All their college sites offer programmes for young people aged 18 to 25 with a broad range of physical and/or learning impairments. Students are offered a variety of specialist support from highly trained staff, working alongside tutors.   

Students are encouraged to do exciting and adventurous activities that they may have always wanted to try. The college work together with students to increase their independence, so they can take more control over their lives.   

Support for students is provided through Allocated Learning support workers, Key workers, Student support workers Speech and Language Therapists and Dieticians, Behavioural Specialist and staff trained in TEACCH principles and within the Institute for Applied Behaviour Analysis (IABA) approach, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and IT and Assistive Technology support and guidance.   

Contact details:
  • 01524 541400   

  • Beaumont College
    Slyne Road
    LA2 6AP

Website: Beaumont College

Bishop Burton College

College (16+yrs)

The college offer support for students with SEND needs.   

The specialist provision at Bishop Burton is designed to make sure that students are work-ready by the time that they complete your studies, meaning that they are fully equipped to move on to a career in the industry of their choice. They offer both academic and practical qualification options from agriculture and equine to sport and design.   

Contact details:
  • 01964 553000   

  • York Road
    Bishop Burton
    East Yorkshire
    HU17 8QG

Website: Bishop Burton College

Camphill Wakefield

Section 41 Independent specialist college (16-20yrs)

Camphill Wakefield is a college for students who have moderate to severe learning disabilities. Our campus covers 56 acres where land-based learning provides real work experiences and skills for a wide range of student abilities.   

The Craft Hub provides a range of practical learning opportunities where craft design and skills work alongside online technologies for recording and research.   

The college consists of five student houses, where both day and residential students can socialise, gain independence and life skills. Camphill Wakefield also supports an access to work programme that has links with almost twenty local employers and aims to secure up to eight hours paid employment, matching individual needs with employer’s requirements.   

Students must have a current and active Education Health and care Plan (EHCP) in place.   

Contact details:
  • 01924 255281   

  • Wood Lane
    WF4 3JL

Website: Camphill

Communication Specialist College

Section 41 Independent specialist college(16+yrs)

The college specialises in meeting the needs of students who are deaf or hearing impaired and those with communication difficulties including Autism Spectrum Disorders, and caters for both day and boarding students.   

Individualised learning programmes offer a unique approach to students who have specific language and communication needs.   

They offer a wide range of programmes for students who want to gain vocational qualifications as well as develop their Personal and Social Development skills. Their work pathway is an industry-focused learning environment for students who aim to enter employment whilst our life pathway and living pathway are designed to maximise personal and social development.   

Contact details:
  • 01302 386700   

  • Leger Way
    DN2 6AY

Website: Communication Specialist College

Freeman College

Section 41 Independent specialist college(16-25yrs)

Freeman College offers over 90 places to young people with complex learning and behavioural difficulties with both day and residential placements.   

The college offers young people a unique opportunity to learn and develop transferable skills through meaningful real-life activities and accredited courses in both the day and residential programmes.   

In residential provision, students live in family or team houses in the local community and can progress onto placements in training flats or semi-independent living, where they have the opportunity to take greater responsibility for themselves.   

Contact details:
  • 0114 252 5940   

  • Sterling Works
    88 Arundel Street
    S1 2NG

Website: Freeman College

Henshaws Specialist College

Section 41 Independent specialist college(16-25yrs)

The college offers preparing for adulthood study programmes for school leavers, usually from special school or enhanced mainstream school. Learning is delivered across two distinct and specialist settings in Harrogate and Bradford to enable every student to progress into a fulfilling adult life.   

The college offers a range of pathways to promote independence and enable students to make lifelong friendships. These include;   

  • Supported Internship
  • Pathway to Work/Further Education
  • Employability
  • Personal and Social Development
  • Sensory
  • Skills for Life and Living (for autistic students)

Learners will follow a personalised study programme to support the goals in their Education, Health and Care Plan and they will also help young people to take steps towards what they would like to do after college.   

Contact details:
  • 0300 222 5555   

  • Bogs Lane
    North Yorkshire
    HG1 4ED

Website: Henshaws Specialist College

The Limes and The Paddocks

Section 41 Independent specialist residential college(18-25yrs)

Their young adult services offer flexible education care and support for up to 52 weeks per year for young people who have complex needs including behaviour that may challenge and a learning disability, often in association with autism.   

At The Paddocks, everyone lives within a beautiful rural setting with ready community access and The Limes is in the heart of the community, in an urban setting with many local facilities including a sports centre, restaurants and shops.   

They have 2 pathways available for the young people attending college:   

  • Formal Education Pathway with a focus on gaining educational qualifications, skills and experience to move on to employment opportunity and further independence in their lives; and
  • Next Steps Pathway for young people who have completed their formal educational route and are now wishing to build vocational and independence skills for life style experience and development including social enterprise work.

Contact details:
  • The Limes
    Tickhill Square
    DN12 4AR

  • The Paddocks
    DN11 9AG

Website: The Limes and The Paddocks

The Ridge Employability College

Section 41 Independent specialist college (16-25yrs)

The Ridge Employability College is an independent specialist college that provides further education and training for learners who have learning difficulties and/or disabilities. Learners study an employability programme that aims to provide them with education, training and support to improve their employment chances. The majority of learners operate between Entry Level 1 and Level 1. Their focus is on readiness for work, but underpin this with;   

  • Employability skills (including an emphasis on work placements)
  • Independence (including travel training) and life skills
  • A focus on healthy living and raising self-esteem (all learners get the opportunity to participate in physical activities and creative opportunities)
  • Individualised support and a timetable based on needs, preferences and an initial assessment

Contact details:
  • 01302 897445   

  • 12 Ebor Court
    DN6 7FE

Website: The Ridge College

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